Attorney IO is a revolutionary artificial intelligence service for attorneys. “IO” is a computer science term meaning “input” and “output.” We allow any attorney to easily input legal documents for processing by our sophisticated AI. The AI then outputs a selection of stunningly relevant legal cases.

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AI Lawyer

Every time you submit a document, our AI reviews millions of legal cases in order to unearth important patterns and connections. Then, the AI laser targets the cases that are most relevant to your document. For example, you can upload a brief by opposing counsel and effortlessly find pertinent cases that their brief failed to include. You can also upload your own draft briefs to find additional authorities for your position. If you are preparing an appeal, make sure to submit the trial court’s order to see what the court overlooked.

We believe litigation is akin to a highly sophisticated game of chess. Just as chess players marshall their 16 chess pieces in a battle of wits, attorneys must select from millions of cases in order to present the best legal arguments. Despite repeatedly losing to an AI, chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov is optimistic about AI’s potential. He said, “while the era of human versus intelligent machine was ending in chess, it was only getting started in every other aspect of our lives.” Humans can no longer compete with AI in chess. They should not be without AI in litigation either.

Lawyers playing chess with gavel

Imagine an associate with a photographic memory and excellent pattern recognition who digested and analyzed millions of cases. Would you want that associate working for you for less than the price of one typical billable hour every month? If so, sign up for a trial of Attorney IO.