Attorney IO is leveling the playing field so that people with diverse backgrounds and resources can have better access to justice. We’re built from the ground up with a focus on using technology and education to create a fairer legal system.

Founder Alex Stern earned his Doctor of Law degree from UC Berkeley School of Law in 2015. Alex graduated among the top of his class at a top ten law school, so he was an attractive candidate for big companies looking to use the law to further enrich themselves.

However, defending corporate greed (even for a big paycheck) just didn’t appeal. Big companies have legions of attorneys ready to bury wronged parties under the weight of the law. Attorney IO was created to leverage artificial intelligence to sift through these mountains of legalese.

Underserved communities can often barely afford one lawyer. Through the intelligent use of AI, we can supercharge smaller firms so that they better deliver real justice to real people.

We also put our legal research skills to good use.  We publish a wide variety of long form educational content. In particular, we hold government agencies and big corporations accountable with legal investigative journalism.

We regularly interview titans of the legal community. This includes a variety of scholars from former clerks of the U.S. Supreme Court to law professors at the best universities.

We also offer educational training designed to transform people with doctorates into expert witnesses. Graduate schools are among our most forward-looking institutions. The legal system is much more backward-looking.

By suffusing the legal system with the latest progress from the academy, we can build more just courts. We also show how academics and other people with doctorates can create sustainable income streams from the judiciary. Earning a living is just not a big enough priority at most graduate programs.

We hope our highly practical training with an emphasis on sustainability will incentivize people with advanced education to make contributions to our legal system for many years to come.