Attorney IO, LLC is a legal technology company dedicated to empowering attorneys to do amazing work on behalf of their clients in a fraction of the time.  Technology has brought tremendous efficiencies to many economic sectors.  However, attorneys have often expressed skepticism that the practice of law would benefit from such advances.  We hope to shatter those barriers by providing a artificially intelligent legal research service that is as easy to use as sending an email.

Our flagship artificial intelligence (AI) offering is a low-cost opportunity for attorneys to get a second pair of eyes on their work product.  In our case, those eyes are artificial.  Historically, a party to a matter could often dramatically increase the odds of success by “scaling up” their legal team.  By adding more lawyers to a case, you increase the likelihood of finding the theory, argument, or judicial case that may ultimately sway the court your way.

Our AI has the capacity to compare your legal documents (such as memos, briefs, or opinions) to a vast array of other cases.  When you submit a document with its own legal cases to the AI, it compares the “DNA” of your submission to these millions of legal cases in our collection.

Attorneys and other interested parties can try our legal AI for $5 for the first 5 days.  Additionally, we are proud to accept applications for free or reduced cost subscriptions for pro bono or similar use.  We suggest uploading a wide assortment of the types of files you typically work with.  Further, we are only in the beginning of this phase of the practice of law through automation.  The state of legal AI will continue to evolve in time.  Attorney IO will be periodically releasing changes to this website to promote greater access to the courts and substantial justice.  It is our hope to democratize our judicial system and promote victories based on the merits of a case instead of which side can put the greatest number of talented attorneys to work on a matter.

Further, this blog has a broad focus.  We intend to cover various important topics pertaining to the law, AI, and society.  We also have an internal mantra: law is the destination, politics is the journey.  Laws generally only come into existence after passing through the gauntlet of the political process.  Accordingly, we will discuss matters of importance to politics as well.

Attorney IO is a customer-centric company.  Legal professionals are used to putting their clients above themselves.  We want to facilitate that mission however we can.  Together, we hope to improve access to justice for everyone.